Processing Techniques of Stainless Steel Elbows

Processing Techniques of Stainless Steel Elbows

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Stainless steel elbows are commonly used to change the direction of the pipeline. That is to say, they need to possess excellent abilities to withstand the impact at the corner. If the fitting is not stable enough, it’s easy for the pipe to show a sign of collapse. However, due to the characteristics of stainless steel, elbows made of this material are capable of bearing the impact of media.

The material and the quality of stainless steel elbows are one of the best in a wide range of products with steel. They own relatively strong strength, large hardness and good toughness. And the biggest advantage of stainless steel is that it is highly resistant to corrosion so that the application of this type of elbows is necessary for the corrosive environment like chemical paper making industries. Although they cost a bit much, it’s not frequent for them to be changed, becoming cheaper to use.

Stainless steel elbows are made of plates in the same material (e.g. SS 304 and SS 321 plates). The plate is cut and molded into a round shape as required. Then the two identical plates will be combined, welded and adjusted. In the process of combination, the weld will occur so that the stainless steel plates need heat treatment after welding. There are two important procedures that are the flaw detection and the heat treatment.

During the installation and layout of the pipeline construction, if the stainless steel pipe needs to change directions, we can apply elbows for the conversion, and then connect the other end of the elbow with another pipe so as to achieve the aim to change its direction as you want. So do you know the production process of stainless steel elbows?

The pressing of stainless steel elbows is a kind of technological process of pressing tube blank with clamps, including hot-pressing bending and cold-pressing bending.

The forming process of cold-pressing bending is to use the elbow molding machine to put the tube blank into the outer mold. After the upper and the lower molds are closed, the tube blank will move along the gap reserved by the internal and external molds to complete the forming process with the operation of the push rod. High precision of the internal and external molds is required in the cold pressing technique. And the wall thickness deviation of the tube blank needs to be controlled strictly. The advantages of producing stainless steel elbows by the mold are the high production rate and simple mold adjustment. In order to prevent the wall of pipe from wrinkling and flattening, the thin-walled tube with an outer diameter greater than 10mm ought to be filled or placed core prints from both ends before bending.

Hot-pressing bending refers to heating the tube blank and manufacturing the product with special equipment. After being heated above the critical temperature, the elbow will be kept warm for a period of time and the quenchant will be added. Then the temperature of the tube blank will suddenly reduce.
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Re: Processing Techniques of Stainless Steel Elbows

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